Rokka no Yuusha (Rokka: Brave of the Six Flowers) Episode 8-9 Review

  • Adlet Mayer vs. The World

Hans was probably my least favorite of the Braves right from the very first time I saw each of them in the opening (mostly for design reasons). I was yet to know of his personality and past, but since I’m a judgmental jerk I immediately disliked him due to me assuming that he’s going to be the annoying jokester assassin type of the crew. And then he showed up and annoyed me with his “NYA” talking quirk, giving me another reason to hate him.



I was also annoyed by his insistence on accusing Adlet of being the Fake Brave. I mean I understood that they mistrusted Adlet and that the main reason I was annoyed by their accusations was because of how much I loved our main protagonist. But regardless, I was peeved and kind of felt that his accusations felt forced and even tiresome at some points, using logic that made little sense to me.

Aztec Batman.

Aztec Batman.

When Hans and Adlet actually fought each other I knew that neither of them was going to be killed by the other. By virtue of being a main character I figured that Adlet was going to win and to prove his innocence and earn Hans’ trust, he was going to make sure he doesn’t kill the guy. But just because I felt like I knew who was going to win, the duel between Adlet the Aztec Batman and Hans the Neko Assassin was still tense and exciting.

For the most part, Hans and Adlet are on the same level. Hans was more agile, ferocious and an all around better fighter than our protagonist (which helped make it even more intense to watch Adlet go up against him), but it’s the fact that he’s so much more dangerous and skilled than Adlet that made the whole thing that much more exhilarating to watch. Adlet had to figure out how he was going to beat Hans since there was no way that he could go toe to toe with him, and it’s this figurative game of chess that he plays in these high-pressure situations that made this fight (and the one with Chamo) so entertaining to watch.

Blood Brothers.

Blood Brothers.

After their battle we then see the two form a bit of a bond, a bond that only got stronger when the two fought side by side against Chamo and her puke monsters. There’s great synergy between their characters and now that Hans is on Adlet’s side (I still think he is despite how Maura seemingly convinced him to mistrust Adlet), I have a feeling that these two are going to be quite a duo later on in the story.

But let’s talk about that fight with Chamo before we move on.

Ugh... Chamo.

Ugh… Chamo.

Chamo is the youngest and most immature Brave—and this immaturity of her is what annoys me the most about her. She’s selfish and cocky, but not in a fun way (think Jeff from Community or Barney from How I Met Your Mother). But the thing about her being annoying is something that I’m actually conflicted with because of two things—first, it makes sense for the youngest Brave to act the way she does and second, it does make the story that much more intense to have the most powerful Brave to be someone so childish. Like all the other Braves, she’s flawed and unlike Adlet and Fremy who have a more refined view of their flaws, Chamo doesn’t because she’s a child. So while I am getting tired of the constant finger pointing in the show, I can sort of forgive Chamo a bit more.

Because again, THAT fight happened.

Adlet and Hans had to team up together to try and take down Chamo and her puke monsters. Not only did we get to see Chamo’s powers, but we get to see through an intense all-hope seems lost type battle. Adlet and Hans can easily take down one or two of Chamo’s puke monsters, but there was a near infinite amount of them swarming them from all sides. And even as Adlet and Hans try and find a hole in her defense, Chamo would just easily thwart their attempts at her.

Cocky Chamo.

Cocky Chamo.

Again, this scene showed off just why Adlet is such a great character. Even in a high-pressure situation that was somehow more intense than his fight with Hans, Adlet had to and successfully came up with a way to beat Chamo. To beat the most powerful Brave, Adlet had to not just survive, but he also had to figure out which of his tools would work best against Chamo, when and how to use them and at the same time coordinate with Hans, someone he’s never fought with before. A poorly written protagonist would have just overpowered Chamo and breezed through her minions, some people like to see overpowered characters, I don’t and in a purely fanboyish and adrenaline junkie perspective, Adlet just rocked it in this scene.

I know for sure that Hans isn’t the Fake Brave despite Nashetania’s insistence. In fact, I feel as if whoever’s leading the hunt for the Fake and is pointing their fingers the most might actually be the Fake—Mora and Nashetania. But before I get into any conspiracy theorist type ramblings let’s move on.

  • Fremy and Adlet
Fremy and Not Adlet

Fremy and Not Adlet

We don’t see Fremy and Adlet together again until episode 9, but during episode 8 there was that scene where Mora talks to Fremy. In it, Mora tried to get a better read of the half-fiend Brave and learn more about her, whilst also trying to remind her that Adlet is their enemy. During this scene we get a clue that although Fremy hates Adlet, Fremy seems to care and worry for him.

Fremy’s hate for Adlet isn’t a tsundere type hate/love thing; it’s better than that because this show isn’t written by a hack. No, Fremy’s hate stems not from her refusal to acknowledge her feelings for Adlet, but rather her genuine dislike of Adlet’s personality. Adlet was someone that’s lost everything, someone who doesn’t have powers and would stand no chance against the Demon God, and yet he was there, and yet he was the one trying his damndest to stay cool and calm and believe in everyone and himself. Fremy hates Adlet because she couldn’t understand why he was like this.

As we’ve learned in episode 6, Fremy didn’t really have the best kind of childhood and that everything she’s loved betrayed her (unlike Adlet who’s loved one’s sacrificed themselves to help him keep going). There’s a clear contrast between these two character and it’s what Fremy hates and finds interesting about Adlet—if the light novels progress to a more Fremy x Adlet shipping than Nashetania x Adlet, then I’d buy it.

Fremy wants to know more about Adlet.

Fremy wants to know more about Adlet.

I’m not saying that because I’m an expert in love or something. I say this because it’s clear that Fremy is attracted to Adlet at least in the sense that she wants to know more about him, and it’s not instant infatuation either, which I like a lot and find to be more believable than real romance animes. And yeah, it may seem weird that a show about young adults with super powers fighting an army of demons beats romance animes in terms of romance, but good story telling isn’t just about how cute or how cool characters and scenarios are—in a more technical level they’re more about seamlessness.

  • Mystery Hour

When I first started watching Rokka no Yuusha I had honestly expected this show to be super generic and would focus solely on the characters battling against the Demon God—but no. This show proved me wrong and I’m so glad that it did, because what we go is so much more interesting than what I was expecting for them to have. Right now, the main focus isn’t getting the Demon God, but rather finding out the identity of the Fake Brave and how in the heck the Braves are going to find a way out of the fog.

You're kind of suspicious yourself you know?

You’re kind of suspicious yourself you know?

There’s plenty of finger pointing here, plenty of theories and plenty of in fighting. These are all both good and bad things to me. Focusing more on the good first, the mystery elements of the show not only give an awesome but paranoid air of tension throughout the season. It’s something different, but it’s also something that pits our characters together in a believable way—and I don’t mean that just in a purely physical confrontation kind of way, I also mean that in a verbal way. There are fights, there are arguments and there’s an inevitable backstabbing.

Unless you’ve read ahead in the light novel, there’s not really anything TOO obvious that would point to the Fake Brave, which is fantastic (save maybe for that ending). You might get clues and you might begin to speculate, but there’s never anything solid in the show itself. There are plenty of red herrings in the show itself and it’s fun watching the characters figure stuff out.

What I don’t like about the mystery aspect is the often contrived theories and equally contrived reasons as to why a theory can’t work. It feels too forced and it can be just as annoying as the ceaseless finger pointing happening between characters, which does help make us more sympathetic towards Adlet (if you weren’t already) because unlike everyone else, he’s not pointing fingers, not making wild accusations without concrete proof or anything.

Mora, shut up.

Mora, shut up.

The one thing that I particularly disliked about these past few episodes was how Mora is just so dead-set in thinking that Adlet is the enemy, going as far as saying, “KILL HIM ON SIGHT.” I don’t really care if it paints her as the Fake, but I do find her attitude to be irksome.


If your friends aren’t watching Rokka no Yuusha then why are you still friends with them? Either force them to watch it or tell them that they suck.

Goldof you salty.

Goldof you salty.

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