Rokka no Yuusha (Rokka: Brave of the Six Flowers) Episode 10 Review


Adlet x Fremy

I don’t ship. I might joke about gay or lesbian pairings every now and then, but as a personal rule I don’t do it, not because I have a thing against shippers mind you. To me, shippers are no different from plot theorists who speculate on what might happen next or who’s going to be the Straw Hat crew’s newest crew member, which is something that I consider myself as. For the most part when I see a potential romance in anime or any kind of show or movie, I just hope that the characters’ relationship doesn’t feel awkward or forced.

Romantic relationships in any story, much like any other story element should never come from out of nowhere. And although I see where Fremy’s attraction for Adlet might have come from, I’m not entirely sure when and where The Strongest Man in the World fell for our half-fiend sniper. Maybe it is love at first sight like mentioned in the show and maybe it was something else, but I can’t help but think—who cares?

Adlet Mayer speaks from the heart.

Adlet Mayer speaks from the heart.

I like it and I’m not going to be a nitpicky jackass that’s going to pointlessly complain about this because I like both of these characters. They’re both well written and they do have a weird kind of chemistry. And most importantly, there were two powerful scenes showing Adlet’s love for Fremy—the first was when it was just the two of them talking and next was when Adlet surrendered to Mora just to make sure that they don’t pin things on Fremy after they’ve done with Adlet. And Fremy switching over to Adlet’s side was great and I bought it. Everything here worked, I don’t care if I felt like Adlet’s love for Fremy came out of nowhere. It all made sense to me and I enjoyed the scene when she finally sided with Adlet—which is ultimately the point of watching anime for me.

Fremy Speeddraw doesn't believe Adlet Mayer.

Fremy Speeddraw doesn’t believe Adlet Mayer.

Mora Chester You Lying Bitch

Seriously Mora, you’re fucked now. You’re the Fake. I knew there was something fishy with how you kept telling everyone to just kill Adlet on sight. You lied about Adlet hurting Hans and now you’ve been found out…

Hans Humpty has you figured out.

Hans Humpty has you figured out.

But that said, just like how I love Adlet’s fight with Hans and later with Chamo, I loved how his fight with Mora was like. For all intents and purposes, Mora Chester is the Superman of the Braves. She’s super powerful and if she hits Adlet even once, I have a feeling that that’ll be the end of him. It’s these seeming impossible fights in Rokka no Yuusha that I love so much.

I think Chamo was lying when she said she was the most powerful Brave.

I think Chamo was lying when she said she was the most powerful Brave.

Nashetania Goes Insane

Nashetania has always been interesting to me. She was a subtle character that hid a lot behind her flirtatious and happy-go-lucky attitude. In a different anime, Nashetania would either be the super pure and super positive girl that wants everyone to get along! Or, again in a different anime, Nashetania would have been a bimbo slut who uses her flirtatiousness for laughs… But no, in Rokka she’s a subtle and tamed combination of both. And I love this about her because she’s more believable to me this way, and the more believable a person is the more I tend to like them (not that over-the-top funny characters aren’t likeable, in a purely technical and story-telling eye, this is what I prefer).

In episode 10, Nashetania loses her shit after hearing the lie Mora the Fake Brave told her. I get that she feels betrayed since she thinks that Adlet is the Fake, but there seems to be more than just that happening in that girl’s crazy little head. Whatever it is, I want to know. And that’s another thing I love about this show, they have cliffhangers, but the cliffhangers genuinely makes me crave for more in a way that doesn’t make me feel like I’ve been cheated.

Nashetania loses her mind.

Nashetania loses her mind.


Despite the fact that a ton of things happened in this week’s episode of Rokka no Yuusha, I can’t help but write a shorter review in comparison to previous writings. I don’t know why. But let me be clear… this was a damned good episode. I feel like a perfect 10 episode should be one that leaves me thoroughly satisfied and not questioning anything about what I just saw. I love this show and this episode was great, but I do feel like Adlet’s infatuation kind of came out of nowhere.

Score: 9.5/10

  • Pros
    • Adlet x Fremy
    • Adlet vs. Fremy
    • Adlet vs. Mora
    • Mora’s lie and Nashetania going crazy.
  • Cons
    • Just the whole love thing… which I feel like I should judge more but screw it. It was a damn good episode.

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