Should You Watch Osumatsu-san?

Should You Watch Osumatsu-san?


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Osumatsu-san is an anime based on a manga series that ran in Shonen Sunday back in the 1960’s (called Osumatsu-kun then). It went dormant for a while, but in Fall 2015 the series was revived. The manga used to revolve around the Matsuno Sextuplets and their teenaged misadventures, but now in 2015, the Matsuno boys are all grown up and must face adulthood. And surprisingly, despite the main casts’ fourth-wall break initial worry that their antiquated sense of humor might no longer fly with today’s audiences, the show proves itself to be quite a comedic trip.

Clever Comedy.

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The show’s sense of humor is mostly slapstick and very sit-commy. The six Matsuno boys and the people they run into in their day to day life are all goofy and zany, and the show’s laughs mostly comes from the characters either being very conceited assholes or just greedy idiots who end up in crazier and crazier (and more embarrassing) scenarios than from where they started with. There’s physical comedy in it, but for the most part it relies on character interactions as well as situational and dialogue based comedy. And for the most part, the show does a good job at not being stale as every episode provides a new scenario for either all the Matsuno boys or just one of them.

Surprise Moments of Humanity

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Osumatsu-san is a goofy show, there’s no denying that (I mean just watch the very first episode and you’ll know what I mean), but surprisingly, the show has a surprisingly heart-felt energy to it. Sometimes, in the middle of the laughs and craziness, the show takes a break from itself and gives characters moments of humanity. What do I mean by this? I don’t really want to spoil anything, but let’s just say that the show makes an effort to put layers of depth onto it’s characters. This is obviously not a reason to watch the show, but the fact that it’s there is something that I greatly appreciate, even though I never expected or wanted it from the show.

An Acquired Taste.

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Obviously, by virtue of being a comedy, it’s going to be an acquired taste. The humor is pretty universal in my opinion, but some jokes (in any show) don’t land with others while it does with others. Personally, as a fan of Gintama and Ouran Host Club’s sense of humor, I enjoy Osumatsu-san a whole lot.


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I recommend it. I’d give it a 8.5/10. It’s a light comedy show that doesn’t really need to be binged watched or anything, and the best part is you can just watch almost whatever episode you want and you obviously don’t need to watch the old show or even know about it. So if you wanna watch something light, go ahead and watch.


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