Aoharu x Kikanjuu (Aoharu x Machinegun) Episode 9 Review

Hotaru’s So Super Cool


  • The 2nd to 3rd Act Transition.

In almost every narrative (of any genre or medium), there’s a point in the story where the protagonist(s) would encounter some great force that would bring them to their knees and wallowing in despair. It’s the turning point in the story where we see our protagonist at their lowest and most vulnerable. And we always expect them to come out of this point in the story having learned their lesson and ready to face the villain a second time.

Using the Avengers as a quick reference, this is the scene in the movie where all hope seems to have been lost and the team torn apart—so after Loki’s little game of mayhem in the Helicarrier and during the part where Cap and Tony look a bit distraught and hopeless by their loss.

In a different show these would have been tentacles.

In a different show these would have been tentacles.

The very beginning of this episode showed us that Hotaru was greatly distraught by what’s happened in TGC. Her will has been shaken and she blames herself for their loss. But we expect her to get out of her stupor, if not this episode then maybe on the next one.

Hotaru don't!

Hotaru don’t!

This episode could have just depicted all three members of Toy Gun Gun dealing with defeat in their own separate ways without having any kind of resolution and I would have been fine with that. But instead the episode focused on Hotaru, which again I don’t mind. The episode revolved around her and her friend Kanae, who, despite being against Hotaru being a tomboy who enjoys survival games, decided to pick her friend back up and motivate her to stay true to herself.

I liked Kanae—we don’t know much about her, but we know enough. She’s Hotaru’s girly friend and that’s all we need to know about her character really. I liked both of their talks to each other and I buy Hotaru’s heel-turn back to being her old cool self again.

However… Even though I buy Hotaru’s heel-turn, the way Kanae decided to go about it (the 50-meter dash race bit) did feel a little hokey to me. Not that hokiness and cheesiness are alien to this show. But still, I couldn’t help but think that maybe they could have done something better.



  • Kanae Yajima

Side-Note: Everyone should just go gay in this show. Matsuoka should just go for Yukimura, Midori should have both Fujimoto and Ichi and Hotaru should just have Kanae. GAYNESS FOR EVERYONE!

I ship this.

I ship this.

  • Everyone Else Not Hotaru

Now speaking of those other characters, all their bits in this episode was very funny and amusing…

I want this manga.

I want this manga.


  • Pointless Scenes

… But ultimately pointless. I was fine with the length of Yukimura’s scene as the episode did establish a Hotaru focus early on, but I couldn’t help but think of how pointless the scenes with team Hoshishiro was. It was funny and amusing, but what was the point?



Now not every scene has to be riveting or even have a point, but the scenes with them just felt a bit too long for me—especially since we barely got any Matsuoka in this episode. And that’s probably why I’m peeved that there was so much more focus on Hoshishiro over him.


It wasn’t a bad episode by any means, but I didn’t like the lack of Yukimura and Matsuoka in it. The Hoshishiro scenes were funny and I like the Hotaru x Kanae speeches (but not the running thing too much). Still, I’m eager to see what happens next after all this.

Score: 7.5/10

  • PROS
    • Hotaru’s transition from depression to cool.
    • Kanae Yajima
    • Some funny scenes.
  • CONS
    • Racing bit.
    • Lack of Matsuoka and Yukimura.
Fujimon... You need help.

Fujimon… You need help.