Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation Episodes 1-3 Review

Let’s Solve The Mystery!


I’m just going to start things up by talking about how much I adore Sakurako-san. She’s cold and seemingly uncaring but very eccentric. She has a fascination for the dead and anatomy, namely skeletons of both animals and humans—giving her a vault of knowledge that would ultimately help her solve and figure out whatever death related mystery presents itself to her. She’s a great detective, but like Sherlock Holmes before her, she seems to lack a bit of humanity, or at least she’s got it all buried way deep down her heart.

Sakurako-san <3

Sakurako-san ❤

Also, I have a crush on her…

Other Characters Are Kind of Meh

Of course, like in any detective story there’s bound to be a Watson. The sidekick who acts as the audiences’ extension to the story—the eyes that we see the world through. In Sakurako-san the Watson character is Boy A, or Shoutaro, but I prefer to call him Boy A primarily because he’s very bland and boring.

Hands of Sakurako-san punk!

Hands of Sakurako-san punk!

I have no doubt that he’ll play a pivotal later on in the series, but he’s kind of a spazz and I don’t like him. His design’s kind of lame, his personality is lame (if he even has one) and did I forget to mention that he’s lame?

There are other characters as well, people related to the mysteries, the police, Boy A’s high school friends and an old lady that acts as Sakurako-san’s maid. There’s not much to say about these other characters right now. There have been mentions of possible big players in the story, but right now the show’s focused on Sakurako-san and Boy A. And the fact that the focus is partially on Boy-A, the show gets kind of boring at times.

I forgot her name, but she's Boy A's classmate.

I forgot her name, but she’s Boy A’s classmate.

Clunky Writing

With deaths comes drama and action. Episode 2 and 3 had a tense action scene and tearjerker moment respectively. The action scene in episode 2 wasn’t anything special, but it did feel extremely clunky, as did the tearjerker moment in 3… Mind you I call it a tearjerker moment because it was supposed to be sad, but in the end, it ultimately failed to make me feel sad. Or feel anything.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 2.54.13 PM

Sakurako-san tries to save a baby.

For me, Sakurako-san desperately trying to save and help the two kid characters was enough drama. There was no need for her to mistake Boy A for her brother. Doing so just felt forced.

That right there was enough drama and information.

That right there was enough drama and information.

And I get that they wanted to set up Sakurako-san having a dead brother, but I already figured or at least speculated that when seeing her be personally invested in the case.

Mysterious Mysteries

I do have to give the writer props for their convincing portrayal of forensics. However, while I enjoy watching Sakurako-san figure out what happened in the crime scene, I don’t like the fact that there’s not a whole lot of conflict going on in the mysteries for episode 1 and 3.

In episode 1 the mystery was solved mostly out of curiosity of the other characters and not because they were trying to convict a killer.

Solving an accident isn't that exciting.

Solving an accident isn’t that exciting.

In episode 3 the mystery was solved to resolve conflict within a character that I didn’t care much about. It wasn’t as bad as the first episode’s mystery, but it did feel weak, weaker in comparison to episode 2’s.


So while I didn’t quite enjoy Sakurako-san as much as I had hope, I’m still going to keep watching it and I will be reviewing the 4th episode real soon. Probably by tonight assuming that it’s already out by then.

  • PROS
    • Sakurako-san is awesome.
    • Sakurako-san solving mysteries.
  • CONS
    • Boy A is lame.
    • Clumsy writing.
    • Lack of motivation.
Sakurako-san is mine!

Sakurako-san is mine!